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Energy Protection

One of the things I hear a lot is “I only work with the light. I don’t want anything to do with the dark.”

The times when I have been really hurt was when I wasn’t expecting it. By people who came in and I didn’t expect to be attacked because they seemingly “only worked with the light.” Or times when I went to a space and the owners were in love with the energy there.

My point is that we can’t predict these things all the time. To be alive means we are constantly in a stream of mixed energy.

And we need energy workers and light workers and healers at this time. More than ever. And you need to know your craft inside and out. Have deep relationships with your tools. A deep relationship with the planet, your guides, yourself. Doing your self work so when things pop up in sessions that might be scary, you handle them easily.

I have had many teachers tell me and teach me many things, everyone has their own ideas about what negative energy is. Clinging to their teachers ideas and not having any of their own.

I haven’t met many that are super helpful and useful to me at this point, (maybe because I’m so sensitive) and why I have come up with my own protocols for protection. Through trial and error. Through mistakes and experience.

Energy protection will be a part of what I teach in my classes. And it all starts with soul retrieval and understanding your energy body.

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