"I started working with Kelly about six months ago, and have had life changing experiences with her. In our time working, I have felt supported, seen, and allowed to process whatever needed to be dealt with in that moment. I came in completely new to Reiki and energy work but have since found myself more invested as a result of Kelly's abilities, respect for her craft and the effectiveness in our time spent together. I have referred her to countless friends, and all have had similar successful results in finding peace and joy after a session with her. Having worked with dozens of coaches, trainers and therapists of all varieties, I can safely say I have never felt as much progress and change as I have from working with Kelly." ~ Ben Flattum

"Kelly brings a calming joy and bright light to every room she enters. She is kind, funny, intuitive, and wicked smart. I look forward to our sessions and the great peace and love it brings to my being. If you hire Kelly, you won't regret it and probably want to be her best friend forever. Thanks for being so gosh darn awesome, Kel." ~ Ashley Rick

"Kelly did a past life regression on me and it was incredibly insightful and healing. It validated things I intuitively knew and brought light to things I didn't know. Knowing the past helps explain the why behind some things and has helped me chart my path forward. I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is curious and wanting to dig deeper into their mind, body and soul for wisdom and healing." ~ Beth Hanson

"Kelly is one of the most gifted healers I've ever had the fortune of working with. She came highly recommended from several friends and I'm very glad I took their advice. The sessions are incredibly comfortable and she is fully tuned in  from the start. Every time we are done with a session I leave feeling 50 lbs lighter and full of insights and realizations. I can't recommend her enough!" ~ Dr. Andy Secor