Who I am. 

My name is Kelly Rae Kerwin and I am a mixed race (Scottish and Mexican mostly) spiritual healer and advisor. A Reiki Master Teacher, a clairsentient (meaning I receive information and messages through my senses and feelings in my body) and psychic medium, Shamanic Practitioner, Past Life Regression Therapist, Sound healer and Soul Couch. Ex Birth Worker. Full time mom and musician. 

I blend all of the many teachings, trainings and schoolings that I have done over the past 15 years to bring balance, understanding and help to make sense of this crazy thing we call life. We work together to co-create spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being.

I have a special gift for working with those who are in very dark places. When there is nowhere else to turn, I am that light. 

I’m an expert on the journey through grief, trauma support, unexplained happenings, the odd and the peculiar. This is my specialty. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is weird. I have seen and done it all. 


Without the dark there is no light. Without the light, there is no dark. 
They coexist. There is no other way.

What I Do:

I am a healer, guide and advisor to help you become your own guru. My goal is to give you tools and methods so you are able to trust your intuition, trust your body and become the best version of yourself so that you can heal and then go be a positive and healing force in your family, community and on our planet. It is your birth rite to live in the most joyous and self-loving version of yourself. 

Energy Healing Sessions: These healings always start with an intuitive card reading. My method is not taught, it is a way that I developed through the thousands of readings that I have done. It is a way that I am able to get to the root of what we are working on. Build trust, inspire and teach. 
I’m not in charge, your angels and guides are and it’s a direct connection to them and your higher self. You and your spirit angels lead the session. 

I interpret, I guide, I create safe space for you to become comfortable with your true self, to be vulnerable so that you are able to step fully into your power. 

The healing part of sessions incorporates guided meditation, breath work, Reiki, Angel therapy, working with Ascended Masters, working with your ancestors, spirit animals and Universal energies, flames and rays. I use shamanic energy practices to bring harmony, peace and balance.

Find out about past life regression hypnosis, abdominal massage and cupping on my Offerings tab.


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