“I Hear You Can Help Me”

(My grandmother)

”I hear you can help me,” she said.

“I will do my best,” I replied, fighting back tears………..

An Ecuadorian woman came to see me a few weeks ago. I welcomed her, as I do everyone who comes to see me. I asked her if she needed to use the restroom, needed a drink, she said no and so I ushered her into my small, dark and smoky room.

I took my seat, she took hers. I looked into her big beautiful brown eyes, deep as the sea, rich with familiarity. I took a deep breath, her eyes were already filling with tears.

“I hear you can help me,” she said.

I immediately became super emotional. Those words. “I hear you can help me.” There isn’t a greater compliment you could give me.

I held it together, showing no signs of how deeply that moved me.

I smiled and said, “I will do my best.”

I come from 2 cultures. My father was Mexican and my mother is white. The relationship with my father was hard and difficult and in the end he disowned me and everything was stolen from me. The heartbreak almost killed me.

(Me and my dad. An aunt and uncle)

To come from two different backgrounds is amazing and confusing at the same time.

At this point in my healing career, I mostly work in my Mesoamericana ancestral ways, there is a part of me always worried and feeling like I’m not Latina enough to be working as I do.

I know how powerful I am. I know I’m really good at my job. I know that when someone comes through my door for a healing, they are in the strongest, most capable hands. I am student to the medicine and yet sometimes my mind makes me into something I’m not. Someone who isn’t suppose to be able to handle magic and energy in the ways that I do.

So when Latin American people come to me for healings, it’s really special for me. It’s a reclaiming of my soul. My lineage. It’s mine and no one can take that away. Some have tried, which has only made me an even stronger and better healer.

Im honored to work with everyone who chooses me on this journey as an advisor. However, when I get to work with those from Latin America, the spirits come alive with color, with love, with music, saying “yes you do belong to us. You are worthy. You are made of stars.”

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