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“Understanding The Messages Of The Body” Ceremony November 20

Many of the things that we call self-care, are in actuality healthcare. Somehow bathing is considered self care now. (Bubble baths) Going to yoga also got lumped into this category. (To care for your physical, mental and spiritual body all at once.)

To do my job and mother, I must be constantly healing, constantly growing, constantly listening to the messages my body is giving me.

The body’s messages aren’t that mysterious. They are always simple and literal. Anything with the arms, the message is usually, what are you holding onto to tightly? The neck- the flexibility of the neck indicates the flexibility of your perspective.

I look at listening to my body, befriending my body as part of my job or my work at this time in my life. Nothing is more fascinating to me than metaphysical anatomy.

I also know that we heal in community. Yes, I work with people one of one 99% of the time, in dark smokey rooms, however, once someone walks out of the door, it’s back to their community for support of the work we do behind closed doors. If there is no community to go back to, it makes it harder for people to stay true to themselves.

So join me November 20, I will be holding a small ceremony and circle at my home. Come be held, be in community. We will care and love on ourselves as we head into the holiday season.

We will start at 1 and go for about 4-5 hours.

Sliding scale $150-500.

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