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A Musician And Her Bowls

I can't remember a time when I wasn't obsessed with music. As a young girl, I loved the oldies, which was played in my house. My father's favorite band was The Beach Boys and so they were always on. I started taking piano lessons when I was 6. Got my first guitar when I was 10. Started my first band when I was 15 where I taught myself how to play bass and drums. I played in many bands through my teenage years and my 20's. Finally around 2005, I quit playing in other dudes bands and started my own. Playing my own songs, doing my own thing.

By Chris Becker

Music always came easy to me. Writing, learning new instruments, it has always been something that I can just do. Nothing ever moved me like music. My confidence was a different story. That was something that I had to work on.

By Chris Becker

Once I got into birth work and we moved away from New York, I quit playing in bands. I also quit playing music like I use to. I use to play 7-10 hours a day everyday. Now I was only play 7-10 hours every few months. I just really didn't have time anymore between school, work, my family and my healing and I was completely ok with that.

By Lindsay Kaye

When I first got into doing energy work, I didn't plan on working with or on other people. I was needing tools to handle my severe anxiety, grief and depression while I was in midwifery school and attending births Attempting to function in my family and society.

During my reiki 1 attunement, I can remember my healer, Nadine Dassier of EnergyWorks Healers really focusing on me being a writer and a healer and that it was a part of my future. It was something that was meant to be. At the time, I shrugged it off, thinking no way. That part of my life is over. That ship has sailed. I am now a very serious person doing very serious work. Birth work was the only work that I could do. But I thought about what Nadine had said. I did the next attunement, reiki 2. And kept thinking about it and thinking about it. And then when I did master reiki training, I asked her about it. I said, "Am I really suppose to be an energy healer?" And she looked at me in her most loving sweet way but also in a way that said, what is wrong with you?! Of course you are a healer! And she simply said, "Yes Kelly. You are a healer. You are meant to do this work." It seems so silly now but I really fought myself the whole entire way. I got it stuck in my head and in my heart that music was a part of my past.